Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell
Birth Name: Simon Phillip Cowell
Birth Date: October 7, 1959
Birth Place: Elstree, England
Profession: Performer / Producer
Relationship Status: Engaged to Mezhgan Hussainy

Simon Cowell is a well known television personality, ranked among the World’s 50 Most Influential Figures of 2010. In his three decades long career, he has judged well known shows such as the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Pop Idol’. Cowell is the most talked about artist in the entertainment industry for being critical about the contestants of these shows and also for being blunt about their abilities. Apart from this, he is also a popular television producer, entrepreneur and an English A&R Executive. Being a part of music and entertainment industry, Simon Cowell acts as a perfect bridge to promote artists.

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