Pop Divas Who Bring Lyrics to Life

Ever imagined what it’s like to be a super star? Wondered what it’s like to rule the charts and millions of hearts? Felt like there’s a song inside of you, begging to come out? While we common folk might not have the luxury of spewing our feelings into a smash hit single, there are a few among us who do. These pop divas have sung about their life, about the rumors, about the heartache and everything else under the sun. And their songs have given us an inside look into what the life of a super star is like. Here are the top six songs that were more honest and sincere than that one friend who keeps telling us our clothes are unflattering.

Pop Divas

“I Know One Day You’ll Amaze Me.”

In 2005, Kylie Minogue battled cancer and came out stronger than ever. We first heard Flower as a live single in one of Kylie’s shows. In the song; an ode to the child that she may or may not have in the future, she sings of how she’s waiting to love this person unconditionally. The song rocked the charts, and to date, it stands as one of her dreamiest ballads. As for us, we loved her just a little more for being the amazing woman that she is.

“After all we’ve been through, I know we’re Cool.”

Gwen Stefani released Cool in 2005, as part of her debut studio album record listing. She had already become a household name courtesy of her work with No Doubt. And her solo career was widely praised. Cool chronicles the relationship between two ex-lovers who are now trying to be friends. The song gave her upbeat album a down-to-earth feel, and while the song was catchy, many couldn’t help but feel the emotions pour out of the singer. Boy, are we glad Stefani and her ex-band member, Tony Kanal broke up.

“‘Cos it ain’t us that’s gonna lose this fight.”

Before Cher was the fire blazing, Academy and Grammy winning super woman that she is today, she was the young half of the 60’s most loved television couple. Sony and Cher rose to fame with their songs and their show. In 1965, at the height of their fame, Sony and Cher released a song titled But You’re Mine. They sang of a big old world not being big enough, they sang of their love for each other and they sang of how they would survive despite the world rejecting them every time. Cher crooned of her love and as far as we’re concerned, she came out on top. Cher – 1, World – 0.

“Tonight I’m letting go.”

Demi Lovato has been in and out of the news ever since she came to La La Land. We’ve seen her at her best and her worst. And through thick and thin, she’s used her music to cope with her problems and in the midst of rehab stints, eating disorders and a nervous breakdown, Lovato came back stronger than ever with her third studio album in 2011. She sings of accepting, letting go and coming to terms with everything on her song, Unbroken. And we just love her a little more for her honesty.

 “Remember how that lasted for a day?”

It was voted the second best song of 2012, and we couldn’t get enough of it. Singing of ex-lovers wanting to get back together, of the frustration, and above all, of the fact that she’s moved on; Taylor Swift ruled the charts with her single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Rumors say that an ex walked into a recording session and said he’d heard that they were getting back together. Taylor Swift channeled the incident to write a smash hit. We wonder who the ex was.

“I woke up like this.”

A family feud unfolds in an elevator, footage of which sold for a hefty price and revealed how the rich and famous throw their punches. Earlier this year, we saw Solange Knowles hitting Jay-Z as Beyonce looked on. Instead of treating the leaked footage as a problem, Bey capitalized on the situation and dropped a song that proved why she really is the boss. That’s right folks. Flawless, the remix featuring Nicki Minaj spins the following lyrics; “Of course sometimes shit goes down when it’s a million dollars on the elevator.” What’s more? She released the song live on stage. Ruling the live shows; check. Ruling the internet; check. Ruling the world; check.

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