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Need we say more? This one-named mega star (she’s got a last name too, but when your first name is Beyonce, frankly, you don’t need a last name), is running the world like a boss. And she’s doing it in some of the craziest stilettos that we have ever seen. Beyonce came into fame with […]

The Seattle Seahawks are in unchartered waters and boy are they loving it or what? For the first time, the team from Seattle will start the NFL season as the defending Super Bowl champions and every Seahawks fan would want to win them the coveted trophy once again. If this were to happen this year […]

Thirty three million, sixty million, a whopping one hundred and twenty six million; no, these are not the times we crushed on the cute guy or the gorgeous girl next door. It’s definitely not the amount of times we’ve pondered over the true meaning of the universe. It’s not the times we’ve debated the merits […]

Legend has it, that somewhere circa the early 1960’s, a man stormed out of a recording session after a huge fight with a fellow band member. Infuriated to his core, he drove around recklessly to shake of the anger until he met with an accident that left him dead. Today, that same man is a […]

Trudging through the frost, Elsa pushes through the howling wind and forces herself through the storm. Little perfect flakes of angelic snow lands on you as you look on. Somewhere off in the distance, Anna follows suit, trying to find Elsa in the white blur and Olaf, Sven and Kristoff try to catch up with […]

Over the past year, they have bridged over our reservations, hedged into our hearts and guided us to the sun. We’ve seen them emerge from the shadows, and go all the way. And all we will say, is that they are all beautiful. Alright, alright. Enough with the melodramatic opening there, but you guessed it […]

We’ve seen these men battle it out on the pitch for ninety minutes of adrenaline pumping, head butting, flying-header-out-of-nowhere-scoring soccer. They’ve made us want to break our television screens. Scream in joy. But more than anything, they’ve inspired us; inspired hope, courage, and most of all, love. But times are a-changing! No, don’t get me […]

In today’s day and age, a bit of controversy and a bit of glitter never hurt anyone. One just needs to watch this renowned production on stage, and one can feel the transition from bitter reality to a gritty, glam-rock era that is the world that Hedwig and the Angry Inch is set in. The […]

Fernando Jose Torres Sans, aged 30, is a professional Spanish soccer player. He plays for the Spanish national team and for FIFA World Cup 2014, he’s playing in Group B. His club loyalties lie with Chelsea where he plays as a striker. Fernando Torres became one of the first players ever to win the Europa League, […]

Lionel Messi plays for the Argentina national team, as well as FC Barcelona, and is a professional Argentine soccer player. He is widely agreed to be one of the best players of his generation, and has won FIFA World Player of the Year four times consecutively, which is a record. Ronaldo said about Messi, in […]