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How many times have we thought that moms have no other purpose in life than to scold us, give us the best possible advice at the worst possible time and be that guardian angel that we will never thank? I mean, that’s their job, right? Wrong! Let me tell you a little secret. Instead of living their life, mothers get to spend their days worrying after us. Let’s face it. We’ve been too selfish to look at the sacrifices they’ve been making for us. So how about we change things around a little this time? This Mother’s Day, let’s give an ode to the movers, the shakers and the news makers out there who’ve recently been too busy in cleaning up our mess. Switch the boring old perfume and the standard jewelry gift sets for a gift that’ll give our mothers a chance to paint the town red. Tickets to any one of these hot shows is sure to be the perfect way to show our love and gratitude.


 Dalai Lama

Revered for his kindness, compassion and wisdom, the Dalai Lama will be giving a public lecture and sharing some of the important Buddhist teachings on this Mothers Day. For all those mothers who’ve spent too much time acting as your personal chauffer, driving you around at rush hours to make sure you reached the soccer practice on time; this is the perfect gift to ensure she gets to relax for a night.

A Raisin in the Sun

If your mother likes good quality thrillers, this is the theater show for her to watch. Gift her tickets for the five-time Tony Award winning drama that features superstar Denzel Washington. An unforgettable experience, A Raisin in the Sun is a must watch for all those moms who love suspense, drama and a moving plot. 


For ladies who grew up listening to this iconic singer, tickets to Cher’s concert tour this year is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Cher has been a star since the sixties, whether it be on television or in the music industry. Her music has inspired many with hits like Baby I’m Yours and Believe. Her Dressed to Kill tour is fast becoming the most talked about event, and for those moms who like to let loose, this is the perfect gift to show your love.

The Sound of Music

If your mom is the ultimate diva and if you have heard her sing Grammy worthy renditions of her favorite songs from The Sound of Music in the shower, this is a show she needs to see. And tickets for The Sound of Music will be the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day. A musical where the audience sings along with the cast is the perfect way to show your mom that you know she’s a superstar.

Menopause the Musical

Here’s one for the moms who need an instant energy boost. Packed with humor, highly relatable and generally just a fun show to watch, Menopause the Musical will be a treat for all the golden girls out there. Get your mom tickets to this spectacle and show her your love and understanding.

Le Reve

For the artsy mothers out there, this show is a must see. Labeled as aquatic theatre, Le Reve features water acrobats, dances and performances staged so creatively, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Le Reve literally means The Dream. And this show is nothing short of a fantasy. Get your mom tickets for this show and let her enjoy a night of magical theater.

Les Miserables

A brand new production of Les Miz, an astounding award run and a story that is unforgettable, this show is for all the theater enthusiast mothers out there. If your Mother Dearest loves a moving theater show with some of the most iconic characters and most heartbreaking songs, then here’s the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day; get her tickets to Les Miz!

West Side Story

Love, suspense, action, heart break and a repertory of fascinating songs; this musical is for all the Drama Mama’s out there. Kids, if you’re reading this, and if a good drama is your mum’s kryptonite, look no further for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Tickets for West Side Story are sure to give her a night she won’t forget anytime soon. And you get bonus points for being extra thoughtful.

Million Dollar Quartet

This one is for the mom’s who have crushed on Elvis, loved Johnny Cash, rocked along to Jerry Lee Lewis tunes and swayed to the voice of Carl Perkins. If your mama is a fan of good music, get her tickets to the Million Dollar Quartet now. You might not know what the hype is all about, but your mother will know. And trust me, this is one gift she’s going to treasure for a long time. Based on the impromptu recording session of four of the greatest singers of our time, this musical is the incarnation of everything good. And your mama needs to see it!

Willie Nelson

For all the country momma’s who just need to have their dose of good ol’ country music healin’, this is one concert she will love. And you can thank me later when she won’t stop gushing about what a swell time she had, afterwards. Willie Nelson, the Red Headed Stranger, has been entertaining his fans since 1956. And this year, he’s hittin’ the road to connect with fans yet again. Get your mother tickets to his concert as a Mother’s Day present to make sure she’ll have a rockin’ time.

This Mother’s Day, make sure you’re treating the most special woman in your life to the most special gift. Show your love by going the extra mile and give her tickets to her favorite show. Let’s provide these angel figures a chance to be young, wild and free again. And let’s make sure it’s more than just the thought that counts!

Image courtesy: By Andypiper from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (Michigan Theater TicketsUploaded by clusternote) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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