Lil Wayne Survives Another Seizure

Lil Wayne was back at the hospital within a few months. Reportedly he was treated for another attack of seizures at the Los Angeles Hospital Cedars-Sinai. Rushed in by his bodyguards late on Tuesday night, he was released within a day after the necessary procedures.

The quick discharge has brought a sigh of relief from the fans but second trip to the hospital in a month sure doesn’t look good. Hope all’s well with the rapper who spent six days in the ICU on his last trip to the facilities.

Lil Wayne

Earlier in March he was in news after suffering from a series of seizures at his Los Angeles home which were said to be very serious. Well at least this time round he has recovered much sooner. All the same hope there is an end to these grave episodes which seem to happening too frequently.

In the past Lil Wayne announced on the radio that the reason for the recurring seizures is Epilepsy. Though it does make one wonder if this is a cover up for the drug and booze lifestyle that comes with being an A lister in the glitzy world of showbiz.

Though whatever the reason wishing all the best to the star and hope he gets better and is back to entertaining his fans. Maybe it time for Wayne to take a rest from his busy schedule after all health does come first.

Image Courtesy:By RJ (Own work [1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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