The “Flawless” Beyonce

The Flawless Beyonce

Need we say more? This one-named mega star (she’s got a last name too, but when your first name is Beyonce, frankly, you don’t need a last name), is running the world like a boss. And she’s doing it in some of the craziest stilettos that we have ever seen. Beyonce came into fame with the all-girl group, Destiny’s Child. 2005 saw her go solo, and ever since, she’s been a hit-dropping front-lining super star. She’s got hits like Irreplaceable, Single Ladies and Diva to her name. And this year, the Grammy winning pop icon has proved that she is flawless, in more than one way.

Image Courtesy: By Sergio Savarese from Sao Paulo City / Ipiranga, Brasil (IMG_0024) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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