Disney On Ice: Expansion of the Frozen Universe

Trudging through the frost, Elsa pushes through the howling wind and forces herself through the storm. Little perfect flakes of angelic snow lands on you as you look on. Somewhere off in the distance, Anna follows suit, trying to find Elsa in the white blur and Olaf, Sven and Kristoff try to catch up with both sisters to take them to the shelter of a warm fire and a fuzzy blanket. The sisters, Elsa and Anna, have anything but on their minds. Elsa needs to get away. Anna refuses to let go. You look on, unable to tear yourself from the winter wonderland unfolding in front of you. Meanwhile, two continents over, in a country far far away, a woman demands a divorce because her husband doesn’t like Frozen.

That’s right folks. All of the above is happening. And it’s happening because of one movie that broke the odds. It cast a spell upon everyone, and we don’t really want to wake up from the trance. No wonder then, that the Japanese couple are looking at divorce papers, because the wife refuses to live with someone who doesn’t love Frozen.

Frozen, is the stroke of genius that gave Disney a whole new world; of snow, magical powers and a bond so special, it is unparalleled with any other. In 2013, we saw Anna and Elsa, two sisters who also happen to be princesses, set on a journey of love, fear and self-discovery. Frozen broke all records as an animated feature, and became one of the most watched, highest grossing, Academy Award winning, mind-blowing movies of the year. However, with all the money made and the awards won, we still couldn’t get enough of the Frozen family. So the folks at Disney decided to do us a solid, and bring the characters back. Only this time, it’s getting better.

Disney On Ice Frozen

Disney on Ice is a live skating show that has been around for around three decades. The show started off with the simple idea of putting some of Disney’s finest on the rink and entertaining the audience. Today, it has become so much more than just a show. Disney on Ice is the perfect way to bring all our favorite characters to life. World class skaters don costumes that transform them into beloved Disney princesses, cowboys and heroes. And we get to watch our childhood come alive on ice. It was no wonder then, that the latest Disney sensation, Frozen, made its way onto the ice rink as well

And boy-oh-boy, are we excited. The show promises to be so much more than the movie. Show producers have brought in more than twenty snow machines to create a real life storm. It is rumored that the audience will feel the heat, (or the cold, in this case), just as much as the characters themselves. Not only does the cast make its way on to the show, but so does the super hit soundtrack, with songs like Let it go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman. Tickets to the show are already selling out like hotcakes, and the show is scheduled to open in September. And yes. We all know how busy we are. But this is one show that we’re not missing for the world.

Image Courtesy: By Mooshuu from San Diego (Wondercon 2014-7649) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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