Chicago Bulls VS Miami Heat: Clash of the Titans

I grew up watching NBA during the 1990’s and I must admit it was the powerful play of Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls that really got me hooked to the sport. The Bulls, as we all know, were the team to beat for the most part of that decade. They were a team on a mission and they delivered where it matter the most. And even in the past few years when everyone was writing them off, Bulls managed to strike back at regular intervals.

Chicago Bulls VS Miami Heat

Now that Chicago Bulls are ready to face current NBA champions Miami Heat, fans are having a hard time to decide the favorite. The reason is the incredible fight that the Miami Heat squad puts on in every game. The Heat, being led by their talisman LeBron James, is the team to beat. They are at the top of the mountain and deserve all the plaudits they are getting nowadays.

The million dollar question however remains: Are Bulls good enough to topple the Heat. The reigning champions are on a roll and are favorites for the series. All that is understandable but a look at the regular season games between the two will show that the Bulls might have the blueprint to get one over the Heat.

The Bulls play a physical game. Mix that up with their mean defense and they have the ingredients to beat their historic rivals. The Heat on the other hand, has an offense that can destroy even the best laid plans. The game could go either way and one thing is for sure it isn’t as cut and dried as some people are making it out to be.

We will have our answers shortly as these two iconic teams are ready to add another chapter to their glorious rivalry.

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