Bonnaroo 2014 – Four Days of Pure Unadulterated Rock!

Time to put on your hippie shades, dust off those old sneakers and get your groove on! It’s that time of the year again. Rolling Stones dubbed it as one of the “50 moments that changed Rock and Roll.” And this year, it’s coming back with a bang. Bonnaroo is back for its thirteenth year and fans are already lining up to buy tickets.


A dream come true for music lovers, Bonnaroo 2014 will be four days of the best rock n roll music. The line-up for this year will be a treat for the fans. Can you say Skrillex, Sir Elton John, Capital Cities, Ben Howard, Wiz Khalifa, Arctic Monkeys, the Naked and the Famous, Zedd, the Black Lillies, Group Love, Janelle Monae and Jack White in one breath? That’s right! Bonnaroo will have all these and a lot more. And when I say a lot, it means they are going massive this year.

This year’s Roo-Ganza is going to be one hell of an event. The venue will be a farmhouse in Tennessee, and with the merciless June sun shining down on us, here are a few useful tips for all you rock n roll soldiers out there.

  1. Hydrate: The weather is hot, the music will be hotter. You’ll need that water.
  2. Pack Light: It’s not a five-star getaway. It’s a get-your-hands-dirty-run-around-in-the-sun kind of a deal. So leave your heels and Oxfords at home.
  3. Put a hat on it: Again, its June and its Tennessee. Make sure you’ve got your hat and glasses
  4. Deodorant: Need I explain?
  5. A good mood: If you’re going to sulk about the weather or the camping, don’t! That’s part of the fun!
  6. Don’t forget your sunscreen: Check the SPF value. It’ll be like a day at the beach.

With one of the most diverse line-ups, fans will surely have the time of their lives at this year’s Bonnaroo. The biggest names in the industry, thousands of music fans and four days of living wild and free; it won’t get any crazier than this. You can bet your top dollar that this year’s Bonnaroo is going to be the best ever.

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