Animator Recaptures Iconic Moments in NBA Finals

Basketball is more than just entertainment for most fans, it is their life. With many new styles, techniques and players, the basketball scene is now thrilling than ever. With the NBA approaching, the best teams will now collide and battle for the ultimate supremacy.

With the release of this retrospective animation by ESPN, the NBA Finals got even more exciting. We can always talk about compilation videos and re-mastering the original videos, but what is better than making animated versions of the greatest moments? Iconic moments in NBA’s history have been captured in this animation, adding to the overall craze of the upcoming games. Die hard basketball fans will instantly recognize the moments recreated by talented animation artist Richard Swarbrick, whose work has already made a huge impact on the internet.

Remember Michael Jordan in 1991 when he did switch hands layup? Do you remember the sky hook from Magic Johnson in 1991? Imagine these events presented in cool HD animation, especially if you haven’t witnessed these classic moves before.

With all the hype surrounding the NBA Finals, this animation has added to the excitement and is appreciated by the hardcore fans. Take a look at the animation and judge the work for yourself. If you like the video, don’t forget to appreciate Richard Swarbrick for all his hard work in compiling the best moments and adding his fancy effects.

Featured Image courtesy: By Marta Sand (Flickr: Heat vs Pacers, 2012) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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