ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Soak Music Artists Wet

Only if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, would you probably not know about this summer’s “cold” sensation, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Take ten points if you know what it is all about, a thousand hits if you’ve participated. Yes, thousand, that sounds about right because that is the amount of celebrities participating in the challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a social media phenomenon that has been trending since July this year. Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds are flooded with videos of celebrities drenching themselves with icy cold water. Be it their houses, their washrooms, their drive ways or heck even live on stage, celebrities have embraced the spirit of the challenge with fervor.

The ALS IBC has a few variations but the general idea is to drench yourself with a bucket full of ice and water and then nominate someone else. If you fail to live up to the challenge, you are liable to donate a hundred dollars for the cause.

However, the response to the challenge has been varied. Where numerous artists condemn the wastage of water, there are many who happily carried out the challenge and actually enjoyed the process.


Grammy Award Winner – Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is one of those celebrities who participated in the freezing challenge and seemed to enjoy it. Dr. Dre was nominated by the CEO of Apple Inc. Soon the Grammy Award winner was soaked in freezing water.

Dumping the load on rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem and hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar, the hip hop mogul nominated them next. With a net worth of five hundred and fifty million dollars, it has to be hoped that the second richest figure in the industry donated a significant amount to the charity.

The King of Hip Hop – Eminem and Pop Diva – Rihanna

Following the nomination of his mentor and old friend Dr. Dre, Eminem accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The music artist was on the road with Rihanna when he was challenged. And boy o boy, The King of Hip Hop saved the splash for his last show for the Monster Tour, literally. The crowd in Detroit went crazy at the sight of Rihanna dumping ice cold water of him. Eminem not only completed the challenge but pledged a donation as well. Not wasting a moment “Slim Shady” nominated his hype man Porter, producer Rick Rubin and fellow performer Rihanna (this was a good chance to return the favor no?!)

Caught by surprise, the pop diva was reluctant at first but the thousands of fans present at Detroit’s Comerica Park cheered and encouraged her. The next thing you see on stage is Rihanna feeling the chills live on stage (and yes of course, Eminem did the honors, how could he not?)

And so on and so forth the chain of the ALS IBC continues. This innovative fund raising drive has raised millions in funds as more and more celebrities nominate and accept the challenge and in return nominate more people. Many of these artists do both: complete the challenge and make donations as well. It is an innovative trend that has brought awareness to people all around the globe and has helped gather millions for the cause as well.

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