The Newest Entry in the Tony Family – A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Someone famous once said, money and greed can blind even the sincerest of men, but A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder takes greed to a whole new level. In this comedic musical, an Edwardian Englishman in the 1900s finds out he is a long lost member of a noble family. And if that wasn’t news enough on its own, he also finds out he could become the next Earl of Highhurst! So what’s the hold up? There are eight other family members ahead of him. Upon hearing this news, this overly ambitious gentleman sets out to speed up the line of succession; deciding to murder all in line.

Give them two hours of your time and the cast and crew will make sure to leave you in tears … from laughing too much!

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

The actors put on a great show, making every member of the audience sing along to their catchy tunes, whether it is a girl singing Why Are All the D’Ysquiths Dying or a man singing It’s Better with a Man. The most unique aspect of this musical has to be the leading actor, Jefferson Mays, who plays eight different characters in this live performance.  He manages to switch outfits, personalities, and personas within seconds and that’s what makes the musical so awesome.

This greed centered play brought a plethora of compliments from its audience and critics. Fans couldn’t stop gushing about this absolutely fantastic musical and critics went all out, calling it “the best new musical of the year!

It was the production, the direction, the score and the performances combined that A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder won a Tony for ‘best musical’ on Sunday, June 8; beating “Aladdin”, “After Midnight”, and “Beautiful –The Carole King Musical”. Hollywood Reporter covered this memorable moment perfectly.

And that’s not all, in total, the musical received ten nominations. Some of these nominations include best original score, lead actor, featured actress, direction, scenic designs and costume design. It walked away with wins for its book, costumes, and musical direction.

From Hartford to the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, and finally to Broadway in the Big Apple, this musical has officially become the Broadway show of the year – and a must see for all.

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