5 Best Cirque du Soleil Productions

Words fall short when describing the magnificence of Cirque du Soleil and its productions. On a very basic level, it is a company which merges the delights of theatre art and street entertainment with the spectacle of circus.

Being the biggest producer of theatrical productions in the world, Cirque has consistently outshined others. Formed in 1984, the company has produced success after success with tours across the world, mesmerizing people. With innumerable accolades to its name, this ensemble consists of daringly creative people who have revolutionized theater.

A brief overview of five of the most exuberant productions is the reason behind this blog. And although each one of Cirque’s production is amazing, to say the least, these five are the best ones I have personally come across. A look might illustrate the enigmatic beauty of Cirque du Soleil.

1. Amaluna

Cirque du Soleil Amaluna invites you into a mysterious island where Goddesses rule. Cycles of Moon guides the functioning of the island and decides the fate of the natives. Queen Prospera is preparing for her daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony.

The rites and rituals that are being followed honor femininity, rebirth and renewal, and are passed from one generation to another. The storyline quickly transports you into a magical world where the distinction between reality and fantasy becomes blurred; enough to make you believe in the magical characters.

The twist in the story that we all await comes in the form of a handsome and brave man landing on the island in the wake of a storm caused by Prospera. The emotional story of love then follows between the princess and this suitor leads both lovers on a thrilling yet risky journey of proving their love and determination in the face of danger. Put to test, their love has to rise above daunting challenges in order to develop into trust and faith.

The production seems like a fairy tale and is as exciting for adults as for children. This trip to the mysterious island is not worth missing out on.

the beatles love

2. O

No one knows how to mix the spectacle of circus with the thrill of the story better than the folks at Cirque. And Cirque du Soleil O is one production which is a proof of the extraordinary talent of Cirque directors.

The water-themed production has all the elements to surprise, fascinate and thrill the audience.

Paying homage to the theatrical magic, O is as much about a plain street performance as about an extravagant opera. The beauty of this production is that all magic unfolds and all drama comes to life right before your eyes.

‘O’ is the French word for water, and the act features synchronized swimming as well as aerial stunts. With talented acrobats and harmonized swimmers, the aquatic expertise in the show is spectacular. In, on and above water, the cirque performers create magic in this production which makes this an extraordinary experience for the entire family.

3. Totem

Awarded as the Unique Theatrical Experience by New York Drama Desk Awards in 2013, the production Cirque du Soleil Totem is nothing short of a thrilling delight even for the regular theatergoer.

Based on the theme of human evolution; from its primordial, amphibian stage to the modern man of today, the show takes inspiration from several myths about humanity’s beginning. Tracing the intriguing journey of Homo sapiens from its primitive status to the complexities of today, the show even hints at our burning desire to evolve into something that can fly.

The presentation starts by evoking a giant turtle that is considered to be a symbol of origin in many ancient cultures and is as inspirational as it is entertaining.

4. The Beatles: Love

The Beatles: Love is Cirque du Soleil’s tribute production. Paying homage to the exceptional works of this legendary band, the cirque channels the youthful energy on the stage with sixty international artists.

Celebrating The Beatles’ legacy from their timeless and original works, the production creates unique sounds for the show. Audiences experience The Beatles’ music but in a novel form altogether, experiencing the creativity of the Cirque du Soleil as well.

Incredible music coupled with the spectacle describing the legendary musical band’s real life experiences, this production is a distinctive treat for everyone. Even for those who are not lifelong fans of The Beatles, this production will prove to be thrilling in every way.

5. Michael Jackson: The Immortal

Cirque du Soleil – Michael Jackson: The Immortal is an exuberant fusion of dance, music and visual delights inspired from the real life legend Michael Jackson. The performance takes you into the world of ‘King of Pop’ and turns his moves upside down, literally.

Unfolding the beauty and artistry of Michael Jackson’s choreography right before the audiences makes the experience a lot more thrilling than any fantastical anecdote. The performance of this play by Cirque du Soleil is as fascinating for the lifelong fans of Michael Jackson as it is for the ones experiencing his talents for the first time.

The show truly captures the essence of the creative genius of this music star and celebrates a legacy that will continue to entertain generations to come.

Cirque du Soleil is a gift for everyone, especially for those who want to experience the best of theatre, classical music and dance. Its illuminating productions are always a treat for people wherever they are performing.


Image courtesy: By Ronnie Macdonald from Chelmsford, United Kingdom [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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