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Be it satire, romance, mystery or drama, Broadway never fails to entertain its audiences with top notch musicals and plays, which no theater fanatic can miss out on. This year, many new names like Rupert Grint and Kieran Culkin made their debuts on Broadway while other notable names like Matthew James Thomas and Sierra Boggess [...]

Only if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, would you probably not know about this summer’s “cold” sensation, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Take ten points if you know what it is all about, a thousand hits if you’ve participated. Yes, thousand, that sounds about right because that is the [...]

It was all started by a golfer from Florida. Charles Kennedy was challenged by one of his friends to pour a bucket of ice water over his head for a donation to any charity of his choice. Kennedy chose an ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) charity as his cousin suffered from this terrible disease. Soon after, [...]

The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is the happening news on social media worldwide. It has gone viral. The good thing is that it is helping a worthy cause and is fun as well! Videos of celebrities are flooding sites as they continue to take up this challenge. It is getting more money and more smiles! Ice [...]

The impromptu performance by Lion King Musical cast’s on the subway train was a pleasant surprise for those present at the time, giving them a memory to cherish forever. It was a moment they will remember for more reasons than one. You know what we are talking about, right? Just in case you somehow missed [...]

Ever imagined what it’s like to be a super star? Wondered what it’s like to rule the charts and millions of hearts? Felt like there’s a song inside of you, begging to come out? While we common folk might not have the luxury of spewing our feelings into a smash hit single, there are a [...]

She’s a Guinness World Record holder, one of the 50 Greatest Women of the Video Era, one of VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists and a Grammy winning superstar. And on May17, 2005, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kylie Minogue is a name that needs no introduction. Which is why millions of hearts all over the [...]

Need we say more? This one-named mega star (she’s got a last name too, but when your first name is Beyonce, frankly, you don’t need a last name), is running the world like a boss. And she’s doing it in some of the craziest stilettos that we have ever seen. Beyonce came into fame with [...]

The Seattle Seahawks are in unchartered waters and boy are they loving it or what? For the first time, the team from Seattle will start the NFL season as the defending Super Bowl champions and every Seahawks fan would want to win them the coveted trophy once again. If this were to happen this year [...]

Thirty three million, sixty million, a whopping one hundred and twenty six million; no, these are not the times we crushed on the cute guy or the gorgeous girl next door. It’s definitely not the amount of times we’ve pondered over the true meaning of the universe. It’s not the times we’ve debated the merits [...]